Spinal Fixation Treatment

Spinal fixation is a specific surgical technique that uses spinal fixation devices to provide stability and restore anatomic alignment. It is used in the treatment of fractures, degenerative disease, infection, and tumors. It helps to correct the congenital deformities such as those seen in Scoliosis. Internal fixation helps to maintain position and alignment to prevent motion as spine fuses. This operation or surgery is done to prevent motion and reduce the pain the areas with the conditions like arthritis. This surgery is recommended in cases of vertebral fracture, vertebral deformity, or degenerative vertebral disorders.


  •       It is done to help restore the deformity of the spine
  •       Helps restore spinal stability, when the spine is unstable due to abnormal or excessive motion between the            two vertebrae.
  •       It helps into stabilization of the spine after removal of a damaged disk.
  •       Modern spinal fixation devices are artificial and are very strong with better results.