A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke and It is caused by an artery in the brain bursting and causing localized bleeding in the surrounding tissues. This bleeding kills brain cells and it is called as Brain Hemorrhage or Brain Stroke. With enough bleeding, the brain can become so compressed that oxygen-rich blood is unable to flow into the brain tissue. The lack of oxygen can lead to brain swelling, referred to as cerebral edema. There are several risk factors and causes of Brain Hemorrhage like Head Trauma, High Blood Pressure, Aneurysm, Bleeding Disorder, Blood Vessels Abnormalities. There are different kinds of brain hemorrhage and it can be treated accordingly. This treatment depends on the size of the hemorrhage, location and swelling which causes.

Treatment :

  •       Treatment for brain hemorrhage depends on the severity of the hemorrhage, patient's condition and cause           of hemorrhage. Treatment options can be surgical and Non-surgical.
  •       For Surgical Treatment : - Burr hole, Craniotomy, External ventricular drain (EVD), Hemicraniectomy, Clip or            repair an aneurysm using a metal clip to close the blood vessel.
  •       For Non-Surgical Treatment: - It can be monitored and strict regulation on high blood pressure and Medicine           should be prescribed is the blood clotting is not major and Supportive care is required in ICU.